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The downsides of Botox

3:58 PM

Cosmetic surgery is common these days, especially among celebrities over 30. Let's explore if it's really beneficial.

You must have noticed many celebrities who have fewer facial expressions than they had when they were younger. Obviously, old age doesn't make a person inexpressive. The reason is Botox. The more Botox injections you take, the fewer expressions you have. But, what if you are in a profession like acting and having wrinkles is not an option?

In truth, it's in professions like acting where Botox harms the most. Acting is not really about looking good, it's about facial expressions more than anything else. Looking better might mean you get more films, but if you truly want to be a great actor, Botox should be abstained from.

In real life as well, people like those people more who have more facial expressions rather than a stone dead face. Looking at someone without expressions can be incredibly boring and we all know how much we do to avoid boredom.

Of course though, expressions are not the be-all and end-all in liking or disliking people, choosing which people are good or bad for you but it is one of the factors, especially if you lead a boring existence. If you are someone who has an interesting personality and lifestyle, with various hobbies and activities, people in your life can get away with fewer expressions as long as they look good. Such people are very few though. The one with interesting thoughts and personality who are only looking for peace.

As it may be clear by now, I don't personally recommend Botox. Each feature of your face reflects who you are and wrinkles suggest you are mature. I know everybody is trying to look young, but if you show who you truly are, only then you attract the right kind of people, be it friends or a potential date or acquaintances.

Image: Emma Stone

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