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Getting to the root of blackheads

4:04 PM

Blackheads are nothing but dirt. Still, using a face wash doesn't remove them. That's because it's stubborn dirt. Squeezing doesn't solve your problem though. By developing blackheads, your skin is telling you that you are not taking care of it properly. What could you be missing out on though? Perhaps you are not keeping it clean. Make sure you are using a GOOD face wash and using it at least once a day. It also helps if you do it with warm water. Personally, I notice that it works better if I do it while taking a bath.

I would not suggest everyone to try each face wash they can find. Some of them make skin suffer, especially if we are talking about sensitive skin. Suppose, your face wash keeps oil at bay for 6 hours? Wouldn't you rather use one which keeps it at bay for 24 hours? It isn't only about choosing a face wash for your skin type, that is oily, dry, normal, combination and sensitive. You may like cool and fresh, or fruity or flowery. You may run away from something which doesn't smell good. Choose one and then read one or two reviews about it. If it's not good enough, search for the reviews of another. Soon, you'll know your type and you'll only search about natural products, or high end brand products.

Though it's not even necessary to use beauty products. If you are someone who likes to know everything that's going to your tummy or face, homemade face packs are for you. They can be equally effective, or even more. Just be careful if you have sensitive skin because they are stronger. They might provide instant brightness or oiliness or dryness, which can be too much to take in large amounts.

Coming back to blackheads. You must have heard that they are caused by oiliness and large pores. But don't go overboard with drying them. If the skin is too dry, it actually produces more oil. It's the skin's defense system that does it. Stick to this rule: cleaning pores. Exfoliation goes a long way in preventing and eliminating blackheads. This is because dead skin cells combine with dirt and large pores to cause blackheads. Keep in mind that exfoliation isn't the same as cleansing. Exfoliation means removing dead skin cells.

Lastly, taking steam does wonders in removing blackheads. Again, I wouldn't suggest squeezing the blackhead to take it out. This can damage your skin and might even leave a hole (large pore). It's only if you'll clean your skin properly that your blackheads and large pores would go away completely. Remember that what can be used to cure something, can also be used to prevent it. So, cleanse, exfoliate and take steam and your blackheads may never come back ever.

Image: Adele

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