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Common sense is king

5:06 PM

Before you pay visit to a salon to get your facial dullness treated, check if you have been sensible. A lot of people visit salons or try face packs, both home made and store bought and even go for cosmetic surgery, but ignore their daily beauty regimen.

Too lazy to cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday? It's perfectly all right, as your skin may not necessarily need them. And, you might also damage your skin by using the wrong cleanser or moisturizer. But there are some things with which you can't go wrong. Humans have basic lifestyle needs like a daily shower or bath. Yet, this is something a lot of us take for granted. And I'm not sure if there is any soap which is good for the face, so I'd recommend everybody to at least use a face wash daily if nothing else. Personally, I find that my face looks better if I use the face wash while bathing than when I wash the face alone.

Taking care of the skin can be hard work if you live in a cold region, but it can be made easier by choosing products which serve more than one function. A cream which is also a moisturizer is easy to find. I only use a face wash as I prefer it to cleansers which are applied with cotton and not washed after. It really isn't necessary to follow the rules by cleansing, toning and moisturizing. There are face washes available, which also act as an exfoliator, cleansing the skin and also removing blackheads. You may not notice, but everyone's skin accumulates dirt and dead skin cells. Just using a face wash or cleanser once or twice a day can make a big difference. I'd also recommend not to put your skin through too much by using too many products, especially if all your beauty products have a lot of chemicals.

In addition, it helps to be tender with your skin. Massaging is good, but not all beauty products are designed to be used for massaging. It's advised to only tap and not massage your under-eye skin. Take care not to take a shower/bath with water that's too hot. Warm water is ideal, but cold is better than hot. Hot water damages your skin, burning it and drying it. You will find that cleansing shows best results with warm water, but the last rinse is best had with cold water, to close the pores after cleaning it. This especially applies to shampooing, as using cold water for the last rinse gives it shine.

Simple techniques like changing your pillow covers and clothes more often also helps because they contain your dead skin cells. Washing towels, loofahs and hairbrushes once a week will also improve your look as they'll function better and not transmit old dirt, dead skin cells onto your hair and body. These are probably sounding like meaningless guidelines, but the little things really do matter. Celebs look good with the help of make-up but people with naturally flawless skin would tell you they do nothing special. They just take care of these little things. Health and hygiene are as much a part of beauty as cosmetics.

Image: Taylor Swift

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