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Is make-up ruining your relationships?

4:53 PM

Covering up imperfections doesn't provide a solution. Plus, most men would tell you one of the things that turn them off the most is a foundation filled face. The last thing they want to see is a different person when you wake up after a cozy night together. It makes them think you are a fake person, who hides who they truly are. It has the potential to scare them off. Who knows what all you are hiding about yourself. Imperfection correcting make-up increases your chances of being perceived as a liar. And most people would tell you honesty and trust are the basis of a relationship. So is health. It's a natural inclination for humans to choose healthy mates, with a different immune system to theirs as we all want healthy off-springs and having a different immune system makes them immune to different illnesses.

It's not just about romantic alliances though, of course. Whether in business or casual meetings, why would you want to come across as less honest and trustworthy than other people? What to do about it then, you can't spend your life with a face full of zits, can you? I'm sure not suggesting you to. Our body has it's ways of sending signals when there is something wrong. Yes, your looks are as good as your health. It all shows. You can't hide it if your body is dehydrated or infused with infection. If you have been having a hard time, wrinkles show up. They are a sign of maturity.

Don't hide who you are, unless you want superficial connections. If there is acne, it's your body's way of telling you there is something wrong. If your skin is dry, your skin's defense mechanism gets triggered and produces oil which results in the formation of blackheads. Your natural response is to dry the oil you see, but had you been moisturizing before that?

If you don't drink enough water or don't exercise, it will show up in the form of skin problems. If you are prone to dry skin, it isn't enough to reach out for body lotion or lip balm. It's time to ask yourself: have you been consuming enough oil or butter? This is totally relevant. For a healthy skin, you must consume enough water, oil/butter and vitamin E. Sunflower oil and seeds, peanuts are a great source of the vitamin but I prefer peanut butter over peanuts as eating too many of them makes my lips dry. Physical activity also plays a big role in keeping your skin glowing. Play until you sweat and the signs are likely to be seen in a few days.

Try to eliminate your health troubles and it's likely to show. Make a list of illnesses you are prone to, and find out which foods will help. Like, when you are ill, you eat food recommended for your illness. If you include some of those foods in your daily diet, you can get rid of them completely. If you suffer from colds, it means you have a weak respiratory system and need to work on it. As you know, consuming warm liquids help during a cold. You can get rid of the issues from their root and make your respiratory system stronger by ensuring a smooth flow in your breath, by drinking warm beverages and doing yoga or singing or simple breathing exercises. When there will be nothing wrong internally, there will be nothing wrong externally either. Don't you find healthier people more attractive?

Image: Emma Roberts

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