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Hair: To remove or not to remove

4:26 PM

It's a taboo for women to have hair on skin, apart from a trimmed eyebrow. I am not totally against this type of thinking in society, as women do look and feel more beautiful and feminine without body hair. But, it's not necessary for us girls to be totally girlie. With busy home and work lives, we should be allowed a few slips. We can't blame a woman for not making beauty and femininity a top priority.

But, before we remove all of our hair, should we consider the function of body hair? Of course it has a function. This is rarely considered but when all of our senses like ears and eyes have a function, why won't body hair have one? It has more than one actually. It helps in regulating body temperature and in keeping bacteria and dust away from skin. I have noticed that if I let my brows grow for a while, removing it reveals clear skin. The kind of skin you have after applying make-up.

I'm not suggesting everybody stops removing hair but try keeping it to a minimum. You could at least keep hair on arms if it's very thin and get facial hair bleached instead of removing it. Winters are a good time to keep hair since clothes hide most of your body. Pubic hair can be kept at least until you find a partner you want to please. If you are concerned about hygiene, trim it or use a shampoo. When you don't have much time for grooming, it would be better to cleanse, moisturize and exfoliate than to remove hair, since you are actually doing your skin a favor by keeping hair. This can especially be done when you are staying at home for days, like when you are ill or have just given birth to a child.

Image: Emma Stone

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