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#1 way to look good: Confidence

1:25 PM

Confidence is the key to looking good and it comes from within. When you feel good, it shows. Along with skin care, inner well being goes a long way in making you beautiful. When you are at peace with your mind and body, nobody will question your fashion choices. Being happy with your body makes you look good in anything you wear. But, the reverse theorem works just as good. You'll notice that wearing good clothes, applying moisturizer, lipstick and finding a suitable hairstyle will make you feel confident. Fake it till you make it.

Improving your posture will make you taller, if you can believe me that is. Been told yoga and pilates can increase height at any age? They do, so do certain medicines. They work with the same concept: fixing your posture. When you are not drooping, you naturally become taller. Little changes make a lot of difference in enhancing your look. Look straight or sideways while walking, never down. Your back should be straight but we don't want to see robots or army men around, do we? Shoulders must be relaxed. Enjoy the surroundings around you and walk at a pace which suits you. Although, if you want to put more effort into looking and feeling confident, quicken your steps. A smile livens up a face so make smiling a habit. It will not only make you feel and look beautiful, but also make you happier and more approachable. Also, try to sit straight as much as possible.

Certain clothes too work better in making you a confident woman. Don't just pick what you like if being confident is your target. Clothes which hug your figure do the trick. Wearing skimpy or too tight clothing would just make you uncomfortable and give a desperate, trying too hard look. Only insecure people try too hard. Wear something which is fitting, like a pencil skirt.

Image: Kristen Stewart

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