almond oil - 3:36 PM

The Power of Massage!

No, I'm not going to recommend you to book an appointment with a masseur. I'm here to talk about easy to do, everyday massage....

boredom - 7:32 AM

Beating Boredom, your biggest enemy

People are dying from boredom more than ever. When humans first arrived on planet earth, they were purely physical beings. We are s...

Angelina Jolie - 10:45 AM

Be True, Be Real

Be you. You. Not the version of you that the society likes or your boyfriend does. Women are expected to follow rules more than men. W...

be happy - 11:41 AM

Look beautiful with an easy trick

Looking good mostly comes down to make-up and hair and may be pretty clothes, but I feel there is one important thing which makes a bi...

dandruff - 1:41 PM

How I get rid of dandruff or scalp itching

The big question. Is the flaky, itchy condition which irritates you incurable? From my personal experience and reading, I think it i...

acne - 2:49 PM

Is flawless skin overrated?

Flawless skin. What women want the most. Why don't we all have naturally flawless skin and are there any disadvantages to looking ...

choosing hairstyle - 11:07 AM

Go short, don't be afraid!

If you are a woman and afraid short hair would not look good on you, then fear not because there is a short hairstyle for every woman...